Shizen Energy was founded in Japan by three members who had grown up close to nature, surrounded by blue oceans and green mountains.

Three months after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, the three founders were driven by a strong will that “our own future must be created by our own hands”, and to not just be reliant on others.

And in 2013, JUWI Shizen Energy Operation was born as an international joint venture between Shizen Energy and Germany’s JUWI AG, one of the world’s leading wind and solar development and EPC companies, to provide world-standard O&M services in Japan.

In order to sustain this beautiful blue planet for the future, we believe that the transition to renewable energy will have the largest impact.

While the human ecological footprint increases and climate change advances, in order to realize energy transition as soon as possible, it is indispensable for those who share the same beliefs to come together globally for co-creation.

In order for more people to continue living happily on this Earth, we aim to co-create a “world with 100% renewable energy” as our first step.

Furthermore, we aim to solve global issues starting with energy.

Our big challenge is not to be focused on the short-term profits, but to build a new circuit of capital that will reinvest in sustaining our blue planet for the next generation.

Rather than a uniform globalization, we will aim to connect local communities around the globe in order to create a network that will produce new values.

Shizen Energy will continue to take action, in order to sustain this beautiful blue planet for the future.


What determines the final generation output of a renewable energy power plant is O&M.
For renewable energy power plants located in natural environments to continue stable operation for a long duration, proper O&M is essential to prevent breakdowns and to respond quickly to malfunctions.
JUWI Shizen Energy Operation has many experienced professionals who have worked in various fields of power plant operation in Japan and around the world.
Our 365-day monitoring support system ensures stable operation of power plants.

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Do you have any concerns that your renewable energy power plant is not performing as well as expected or not as profitable? Or that your power plant is experiencing frequent power failure?

It is often difficult to detect malfunctions in solar power plants, which can delay repairs and increase the loss of electricity sales.

Based on our experience in O&M of numerous power plants, we can identify problems that are difficult to see and areas that require preventative repairs. This service can also be used as an independent evaluation before construction is completed, before the warranty period expires, or as a third-party evaluation prior to the purchase of a secondary property.

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Our clients choose our company because of the high quality service we are able to provide by being a company
that specializes in O&M for renewable energy power plants.

  • The power plants we manage range from Hokkaido in the north to Kagoshima in the south. In the event of a natural disaster or equipment malfunction, we can respond quickly and cost effectively throughout Japan.

  • The O&M of power plants are staffed not only with engineers who are familiar with electricity, but also with telecommunications. We can respond appropriately to a wide variety of issues that may arise. The Shizen Energy Group can also support issues related with civil engineering.

  • Since the time we started our service, we have been providing string monitoring 24/7 365 days a year, which could be called European specification, but was still rare at that time in Japan. This allows us to quickly locate any faults in detail when they occur. The monitoring data can also be utilized when analyzing problems.

  • The involvement of companies in power plants and the distribution of equipment is not limited to the domestic market, but in many situations requires borderless support. We are able to conduct business correspondence in English, as well as prepare various documents and reports that need to be submitted in English. One of our strengths is that we can cater to both Japanese business practices and international business practices.







  • Hokkaido

  • Tohoku

  • Kanto

  • Chubu

  • Kinki

  • Chugoku・Shikoku

  • Kyushu・Okinawa


Total O&M record as of March, 2023 (Operating or Under Contract)

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