We’ve started a blog!

Hello! My name is Ishikawa from juwi Shizen Energy Operation.
Starting today, we will be writing a blog about the operation and maintenance business (O&M services) of renewable energy power plants in the Shizen Energy Group.

juwi Shizen Energy Operation is an international joint venture established in May 2013 by Shizen Energy Inc. and juwi AG of Germany, one of the world’s leading wind and solar power development and EPC companies. Our company provides operation and maintenance (O&M) services throughout Japan, specializing in renewable energy power plants, while localizing its world-standard O&M services to suit the weather and soil conditions in Japan. We currently provide services for high-voltage and special high-voltage solar power plants throughout Japan, and we also have experience in the operation and maintenance of wind power plants.

In this blog, we will provide information from various perspectives, including case studies of troubleshooting at renewable energy power plants, reports on regular work such as inspections, module cleaning, and weeding, as well as information on modifications such as switching to online curtailment!

In order to create the “100% renewable energy world” that we are aiming for, it is of course important to increase the number of renewable energy power plants and to use renewable energy, but we hope to be able to show you how operation and maintenance also plays a key role.

In the next article, I would like to introduce the current campaign.


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