JUWI Shizen Energy Operation partners with PV Japan ~ colaboration in promoting Committed Cleaning service ~

JUWI Shizen Energy Operation Inc. (JSEO) signed a business alliance with PV Japan Co., Ltd. (PV Japan) on March 3, 2023. PV Japan has the largest number of achievements in solar panel cleaning services in Japan. In line with this alliance, JSEO has started providing PV Japan’s “Committed Cleaning,” a solar panel cleaning service with a power generation efficiency recovery guarantee, as an Operation & Maintenance (O&M) service from June 1, 2023.

Committed Cleaning is a solar panel cleaning service provided by PV Japan with a power generation efficiency recovery guarantee. After the solar panels are cleaned, if the panels do not meet the power generation efficiency recovery target set based on the results of the preliminary diagnosis, the service offers re-cleaning or a reduction in the cleaning cost.

It is not uncommon for solar panels to generate less power than when they were first put into operation due to dirt from exposure to sand, dust, wind, and rain. Since a drop in power generation leads to a drop in revenue, this is not only a reduction in the power generation operator’s revenue from electricity sales, but also a major loss for Japan’s infrastructure.

With conventional panel cleaning services, some power generation companies have said that they cannot take the initiative in panel cleaning because they do not know the cost-effectiveness until the panels are cleaned. With Committed Cleaning, the power generation equipment is diagnosed prior to cleaning to determine whether it is in need of cleaning and the cost-effectiveness of cleaning. If the panels do not meet the predetermined targets after cleaning, they can be re-cleaned or the cleaning cost can be reduced. If the results of the diagnosis show that cleaning is not expected to be effective, JSEO will continue to monitor the panels and propose another cleaning when it becomes necessary.

Through this business alliance, JSEO will sign an exclusive contract with PV Japan for a warranty plan exclusive to JSEO, and will utilize its own customer network to promote Committed Cleaning. JSEO also expects an increase in O&M service requests as a result of panel cleaning, and will expand its optional services to respond flexibly to customer needs.

As solar power plants continue to increase in Japan, JSEO will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society through the appropriate O&M of renewable energy power plants, the enhancement of the value of renewable energy power plants, and integration with the electric power system.

【About JUWI Shizen Energy Operation Inc.】
JUWI Shizen Energy Operation is a joint venture established in May 2013 by Shizen Energy Inc. and JUWI AG – a German company that is a world leader in wind power, solar power development, and EPC. The company localizes the world’s standard O&M (operation and maintenance) services to suit Japanese weather and soil conditions, and provides O&M services specializing in renewable energy power plants throughout Japan. As of March 2023, the company has received 932.5MW in cumulative contracts for solar and wind power plants. Since 2018, the company has also provided O&M services for farm-based agrisolar projects.
・URL: https://juwishizen-om.net/en/

【About PV Japan】
Established in January 2017. A Japanese company specializing in solar panel cleaning services, mainly for industrial solar power generation facilities. Itis a leading solar panel cleaning company in Japan, with a track record of cleaning approximately 3.5 GW, the largest in the country. The company provides panel cleaning services using its proprietary and patented PV cleaner, a dedicated solar panel cleaner, which is manufactured and developed at its own factory in Japan. PV Japan also sells the PV cleaner and provides support for the expansion of cleaning companies and the in-house panel cleaning.
・URL: https://pvjapan.jp/


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